Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Babies R Us, Belt Sanders, and Sudafed

Ok, first off, I just had a little freak-out moment. I'm 30 weeks along today! That's right, folks, only 10 more weeks until our little man arrives! WOW. Something about being in the 20-something week range makes it easier to imagine that you've still got lots of time... but crashing into the third trimester is a bit of a reality check! We're excited as all get-out, but just a little nervous that we won't have absolutely EVERYTHING in place. (ok, this little paranoia is a little more mine than Travis'. He thinks we'll be just fine.)

First off, no picture this week. I'm sick as a dog (the first time I've had so much as a sniffle this entire 30 weeks!), and trying desperately to avoid any meds. My doctor says it's fine, but I'm just super-careful. (Which is funny if you know pre-preggo me, who will indulge in a small PILE of medications in order to avoid getting crusty-nose or feeling any sort of pain in my head) So, pictures next week, k? I don't really want my non-medicated super-cold to be memorexed... ;)
Here's one from Jan. 17 - at about 27 1/2 weeks:

And one from shopping with Becca (who's about 24 weeks along in this picture!) and Hollie (Jordin's mommy!) - friends of mine from WAAAY back... :)

But, we did start putting together the nursery! We painted the walls an adorable shade of green that I lovingly compare to the H&R Block square - bright but calming at the same time. I love it. We're in the middle of painting some shelves white (which led to Travis' unsuccessful battle against my grandfather's 50 pound steel belt sander... I don't think his toe will ever truly be the same again), and we've put together the furniture! I can claim good taste, as I picked it out (and it is, truly, the most adorable and wonderful baby furniture in existance), but it was a gift from my parents. (THANKS mom and dad!)
Here are the pics so far, sans white shelves:

I'm happy to report that Travis also survived registering at Babies R Us - a feat not every man can stomach. He got some looks from preggo ladies shopping with their moms ("What the hell is tummy time?????"), and we both had a small panic attack when we got to the seizure-inducing toy aisle ("What do we do?" "I don't know, they all look the same" "How do we pick?" "I don't know - I think I'm going blind!" "Ok, scan the first two you see and RUN!"), but overall it wasn't too bad. One thing I will always be with my husband is ENTERTAINED. :)

Oh, and fruit-wise this week, he's the weight of a cabbage - 3 pounds!


Heidi said...

3 POUNDS?!?!?!?! Holy shit.

Erin Bradley said...

My Dad just sent me this link. WOW!! Crazy! I think the last time I saw you was October or September when you weren't really showing. At the time it was like "hey that's cool, you're pregnant"..hard to really picture. But now, WOW, you actually REALLY are pregnant! Crazy awesome!

By the way I love you're baby furniture. I didnt know baby furniture came is something that wasn't white and/or pastel.

C said...

Awww, the nursery is so cute! And at least now you can claim you're smuggling a cabbage.