Saturday, October 25, 2008


Travis and I had been wanting to add to our family, which is currently 50% human and 50% dog, and on August 5, after Travis left for work, I took The Test. It was only our second month taking The Test, so I didn't expect the little pink plus sign that was shining back at me! After doing a little dance all to myself, I double (and triple and quadrupal) checked to make sure that 7 AM wasn't simply messing with my eyesight. I was pregnant!

The only challenge then was to wait ALL DAY to tell Travis in person when he got home from work. I bought him a couple of "dad" books from Borders, wrapped them in a cute bag, and waited. It was the longest day I've ever spent. Ever. He was probably wondering why I was so impatient that he had to stop by the store on the way home ("are you EVER going to get here???"), but it all made sense when he got home and got his present. I looked for some sort of fear in his eyes, but all I saw was happiness. He smiled ear-to-ear - we were going to be parents!

The first 15 weeks have been wonderful. We kind of stunk at the whole "waiting 12 weeks to tell people" thing, and our optimism worked for us. Our 6 and 12 week checkups were flawless, and my pregnancy has been amazingly easy - knock on wood! Sure, there was a little nausea and that time when all I wanted for dinner was pancakes and grilled cheese simultaniously, but everything else has been wonderful! I'm finally hitting the point where my belly looks vaguely more like baby than too much lunch, and things are starting to feel real!

Our 6 week check up showed our little lima bean's heartbeat!

Our 12 week allowed us to hear a heartbeat through the doppler (high - the nurse practitioner thinks it's a girl!), and saw our little alien clear as day on the ultrasound!

Here's the most recent "belly picture" at almost 16 weeks!

Make sure you check out the most fun part of this blog - the survey! On the right side of this page, you can vote whether you think Baby Gruber is a boy or a girl! But hurry, the voting closes on November 20th, because that's when we get to find out!


Becca and Norm said...

We love the fetus! And its parents!
You guys are seriously going to be great parents. What a lucky baby.
(And lucky that it will have our baby as either a best friend or prom date...or both!)
Love from your BPFF and her baby daddy.

Heidi said...

Tell Fetus hi! Tell my god dogs hi too, or they'll get jealous. I'll see you all soon.