Sunday, March 1, 2009

Babymoon and Baby Shower Funtime!

So, y'all know updating regularly is not my thing... I actually have been lucky enough to have TWO, count em, two awesome weekends to tell you about!

Weekend before last was our babymoon in Lake Tahoe with the Weitzels! We hung out, relaxed, and enjoyed the snow for a couple of days... The FIVE HOUR drive to get there and back was totally worth it! Plus, Becca and I learned that our husbands actually may be the fastest chain-installers on the road! (That's right, we sat in the warm car while they put them on, took them off, put them on, took them off, put them on, took them off...) Here's a couple of pictures - we were quite a sight, let me tell you - the boys looked like they were escorting around old women who were about to break both hips at the same time... they were gripping onto us for dear life to keep us from falling on the ice in our heels! ;)

Travis and I all dressed up for Valentine's Day dinner

And the lovely Becca and Norm

Becca and I proving that we did, in fact, hang out in the snow!

Then, to add to my babytime fun, last weekend was my baby shower! Becca and Heidi (with the help of the AMAZINGLY talented Mary and Bethany) planned out a fantastic shower complete with diabetes-approved, but awesomely delicious food (*insert gratuitous plug for Mary's soon to be released cookbook!* Everyone needs at least 3!) and an awesomely talented henna artist! (Thanks Bethany!) So many of my good friends were able to be there, and I had a blast!

My henna tattoo (PS - this is the least amount of clothing I've ever worn in a photo posted on the internet - and I'm huge! Pregnancy does weird things to your self-confidence, I guess...)

Another incredible surprise was that Karin flew in from Boise, Idaho without telling me she was coming! It just made the weekend that much more complete and wonderful... :)

After the shower, Travis and I hosted a co-ed party at our house to celebrate. We LOVE hosting, and having so many of our friends at our house was wonderful for us! Travis even cooked something called "bacon explosion"... I have no idea what was actually IN said bacon explosion, but our counters are STILL covered in a thin layer of grease... ew! And I have to say the super-competitive beer pong championship that went on in the living room seems to separate us from most baby showers... Here are a couple of pictures:


Becca and Norm said...

Both weekends were so much fun!!! And somehow, as your belly gets bigger, you just get cuter! :)

Travis said...

ingredients for bacon explosion:


Katina said...

Oh, you're so adorable! The diabetes thing sucks, but I'm happy to hear you and Micah are doing well, and that you had a great baby shower. :)

Heidi said...

We did have fun, and I'm glad you did! I'm upsed we didn't finish beer pong though.